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Why Choose A Pomsky?

A Pomsky is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. The beauty and high energy temperament of a husky is combined with the small size and loyal personality of a pomeranian to create the perfect dog (in our opinion ;) in a small package. Pomskies can easily live in a smaller home or apartment, and are not big enough to knock down small children. They tend to be athletic and love going on walks, hikes, and runs. Each puppy has a unique personality and we will help you choose the one that fits your lifestyle and family best.


Ethical Breeding

Although pomskies cannot be registered with AKC, we still follow the strict breeding standards the AKC requires. All of our siberian huskies and pomeranians are AKC registered and carefully chosen based on various superior traits we search for to better the Pomsky breed. You can rest assured that when you buy a puppy from us it will be healthy and will be top quality.


Our dogs have their own large fenced in area with access to an indoor/outdoor kennel with A/C and heat. We take them to a vetrinarian for all healthcare, vaccinations, and AI. The female husky cannot be bred naturally and must be artificially inseminated by a professional to avoid health risks involved with attempting it untrained. 


We keep our numbers small to ensure our dogs recieve the proper attention and care they need. We love each one of them as a family member and are so excited for you to get one of their puppies!



Do pomskies shed?

Pomskies will blow their coat once a year, other than that they do shed a little but it is manageable with regular brushing.


How big will a pomsky get?

F1 pomskies (50/50) can be anywhere from 10-30 pounds  but average at 15 full grown. F2 pomskies (25 % husky 75% pomeranian) will be much smaller in the

7-15 pound range.


What is the difference in an F1 and F2 Pomsky?

An F1 is a first generation pomsky, meaning they are 50% husky and 50% pomeranian. An F2 is a second generation pomsky, meaning they are 25% husky and 75% pomeranian. An F2 occurs when a 50/50 pomsky is bred to a pomeranian. F2 are usually quite a bit smaller than F1 since they have a higher pomeranian percentage.


How long do pomskies live?

Since pomskies are a new breed, we do not know much about the length of their lives. However, we can assume that it will be the same as the ages of their parents. Huskies and pomeranians will live between the ages of 10-16. The length of their life will depend on gentetics, as well as the quality of care and nutrition they recieve during their lifetime.


Do pomskies have health problems?

So far, there are no known health problems. We offer a one year genetic health guarantee on all of our puppies so you can rest assured we feel confident in the health of our dogs.


What is a pomsky temperment like?

It really depends on the puppy, but they can show both traits of huskies and pomeranians. They are commonly energetic, playful. and very friendly! Both breeds are very intelligent and trainable so this is passed down to their puppies as well.


Can we breed our pomsky?

All of our pomskies are sold on a strict spay/neuter contract. We will have you sign this before you recieve your puppy. Proof of spay or neuter will need to be provided to us once your pomsky reaches 6 months of age. Any breech of the contract will be severely punished to to fullest extent of the law. We require spay/neuter to protect our lines we have spent so long developing and for the safety of your pomsky.




Why Choose Us?
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